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What we do...

  1. -We offer individual/group coaching and lessons on how to use all the devices, hardware, and software you own in the comfort of your home. All lessons are at your pace, no feeling overwhelmed.

  2. -Do you...

  3. -Want to learn to digitize, organize, edit, and repair those photos in the boxes under your bed?

  4. -Want to make a movie and post it to YouTube, start a blog, or just video chat with your family and friends?

  5. -Want to learn to make your digital life more secure with a Password manager?

  6. -Want to organize your digital life and make sure everything is labeled and where you expect it to be?

  7. -We can help you do all of that...

  1. -We help you to determine your real needs and help you to decide if you need something new or if you can make better use of the technology you already own.

  1. -We do the research and advise you on the best product in class for your budget. We can make the purchase and physically deliver your new product before installing it, minimizing your inconvenience and maximizing your enjoyment.

  1. -We install, setup, and configure your new (and/or already installed) devices to your personal preferences.

  2. -Do you...

  3. -Want a custom wallpaper, ringtone or notification? Your phone to flash & vibrate when it rings?

  4. -Your tablet to open to the same page as the one you left open on your computer?

  5. -Want to print from your bedroom? To keep just one Calendar, address book, or photo collection and have it sync across all your devices?

  6. -We can configure your system & devices to do all that...

  1. -We can often determine where and why a malfunction is occurring and fix the problem then and there.


Simplifying, Learn, Enjoy...

Coaching, Tutoring and a Personal Lesson Plan

Unbiased Research & Recommendations

Installation, Set Up, and Configuration

On Site Diagnosis & Repair